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Welcoming Remarks Chairman - President Seminar Schedules Have Changed Pan Pacific VI Planning Meeting
Welcome Reception Awards - Presentation Food - And The Theatre Area
Registration and Information Location and Hours Theatre Ticketing Parking Theatre - Hotel
Competitor Information Pictures - Chorus and Quartet Dress Code
Transportation Hotel < >Theatre - Audience Quartets Schedule Of Events TheatreBusStops
Transportation Hotel <> Theatre - Competing Choruses Chorus Contest Flow The Waikiki Trolley
Daily Schedules   Thu Fri Sat Sun Chorus Buses TheBus
Chorus Warm-Up Schedule Quartet Semi-Finals Merchandise
Quartets Chorus Order Of Appearance   Hotel (Floor Plan) Layout
Judges - Seminar Presenters - MC's Shows of Champions - Sounds of Aloha  
Contest Rules - Know the Rules Program Shopping and The Beach
Competing Chorus & Quartet Form CJ20 Mic Testing Chorus Version 4.3